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  • LunAqua Classic LED Pond Light Set (3 Lights) 56453

    $133.65 $99.00

    This LED-based pond light set comes complete and ready to install with a very small outdoor transformer.

    In contrast to many LED pond lights on the market, LunAqua Classic uses warm LED technology that is close in color temperature to traditional halogen-based bulbs. This means that these lights create a warm, serene atmosphere and can be combined with existing halogen lights without a jarring effect.

    The LED bulbs in LunAqua Classic also have exceptional life expectancy compared to classic halogen bulbs and many LED fixtures.

    Light Output: 90 lumen (3x30)

    Beam Angle: 30°

    Power Cable Length: 7 ft. (per light)

    Power Consumption: 3W (1W x 3)

    Power Requirement: 12V AC/DC (110V / 60Hz for transformer)

    Dimensions (Dia x L): 3 x 4.5 in.

    Limited Warranty: 2 Years