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  • Connection cable 12 V AC / 3.0 m 10ft. 12374

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    The Connection Cable is an underwater cable and part of the LunAqua 10 light system. Each component is sold separately for a range of applications. The system is used for garden lights, in the home pond and professional fountain installations. What makes this system unique? The cable joins the LunAqua 10 light with an underwater transformer. Installation below the water level guarantees that all cable work is hidden—reducing the need for long cable runs and minimizing voltage drop. The Connection Cable comes in four lengths—3 feet, 10 feet, 25 feet and 50 feet. They can be used to link various Remote Device Management products and their control units. The Connection Cable is designed specifically for underwater connection. The connection sockets are based on XLR standards (5 pole) and both connections and cables are rated to IP68 protection standard—totally safe for positioning underwater. The Connection Cable is compatible with a range of devices including AquaMax Eco Pumps.

    • 10 feet long
    • Socket / socket connections
    • Protection class IP 68
    • 24 V DC reverse polarity protection
    • Plug connection contains capillary barrier
    • limited strain relief on the plug

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