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  • OxyTex Pond Air Diffuser 51075

    $140.40 $104.99

    The OxyTex Air Diffuser, in combination with an air pump (such as the OASE AquaOxy)(air pump NOT INCLUDED), disperses air even more finely for optimized gas exchange. In addition, the grass-like fiber structure provides a habitat for beneficial micro-organisms that improve filtration efficiency and contribute to a healthy pond environment.

    Effective Pond Surface: up to 32 sq.ft.

    Air Injection Capacity: up to 250 GPH

    Max. Input Pressure: 6 psi

    Min. Installation Depth: 18 in.

    Tubing Length: 20 ft.

    Limited Warranty: 2 Years

    Max Recommended Pond Volume: up to 5000 gal

    Dimensions (Dia x H): 9 x 12 in.

    Air Tubes (Qty/Length/Dia): 1 piece/16 ft./4.5 mm

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