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  • biOrb Decor Set - 30L Stone Garden 48445


    Decor Set - 30L Stone Garden

    • Everything you need to decorate your 8 gallon and larger biOrb aquarium.
    • Décor made from high grade materials for safety and durability.
    • Unique designs bring aquarium to life with vibrant and detailed décor.
    • Items are safe for Freshwater, Tropical and Saltwater aquarium set ups.
    • Enjoy significant savings when selecting the kit in comparison to buying items separately.

    The designers at biOrb have put together a collection of decor kits that make decorating your biOrb easier. The biOrb Décor Set - 30L Stone Garden contains some of our favorite aquarium decorations to bring your 8 gallon biOrb to life. Unique and vibrant designs and colors, paired with quality materials, make these biOrb décor sets unique. You will have a professionally designed aquarium in no time at all.

    What’s in the box?

    • biOrb Medium Grey Slate Sculpture x1
    • biOrb Small Green Feather Fern Plant Packs x2 (Includes 4 plants)
    • biOrb Aquatic Topiary Pack x1 (Includes 3 pieces)
    • biOrb Moss Pebble Pack x1
    • biOrb White Sea Shell Set (Includes 3 pieces)

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