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biOrb Maintenance Kit 48441


The biOrb Maintenance Kit provides a full maintenance solution to make maintaining a clear, healthy aquarium that much easier. 

Included in the kit are biOrb's best-selling cleaning and maintenance items: 

Two full service kits which include filter, sponge, charcoal, water stabilizers and water treatments to condition and colonize good bacteria. Six acrylic safe cleaning pads which are used to easily wipe away spots that may pop up between cleanings. An air stone replacement for prime oxygenation. Water optimiser to complete partial water changes for a crystal-clear biOrb. High gloss polish and cloth to finish off the outside of your biOrb with a brilliant shine. 

Also enjoy over 20% savings when buying the kit versus buying each item separately.


  • three complete service kits: 
  • three filters with filtration media, 
  • three acrylic-safe cleaning pads and 
  • six water treatments.
Also includes two, 3.4 fl. oz. bottles of high-gloss polish and water optimiser.

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