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  • biOrb White Sea Fan - Extra Large 46074

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    White Sea Fan - Extra Large

     Use these colorful plastic sea fans as background foliage in your aquarium. Fan out for optimum coverage.
    • Compatible with Freshwater/Saltwater/Tropical aquarium set ups.

    The biOrb Sea Fan is inspired by the delicate sea fans of Indonesia. Create natural security for your fish while allowing them to be viewed among the stems. These colorful sea fans would be a natural accent piece to your Saltwater biOrb. Use with the biOrb Sea Lily to compliment a biOrb aquarium sculpture. The extra-large plants are suitable for the LIFE 45, LIFE 60 and CLASSIC 105 and are 19.29 inches / 49 cm in height.

    biOrb Sea Fan x 1
    -Includes one plant in each pack.
    -Small and Medium sizes available in white, crimson, blue, pink, black or orange.
    -Large and Extra Large sizes available in white or crimson.

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