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  • OASE Floating Fountain with Lights 1/4 HP 45383

    $639.18 $473.47

    Oase Floating Fountain 

    •     Compact, reliable, and energy efficient
    •     Shallow operating depth
    •     Created a variety of stunning water displays of up to 14 ft. in height and width
    •     Complete set can be quickly and easily installed

    What’s in the Box:

    •     Pump
    •     Float Body
    •     Mooring Lines
    •     Lights
    •     3 Nozzle attachments

    Built as an enduring focal point or as the life of the party for a special event. It can be installed in a lake or pond, either artificial or natural. The Floating Fountain with Lights is eco-friendly and environmentally smart, improving the overall water quality. It's ready to connect and comes as a complete set with a pump, float body, mooring lines, lights and 3 nozzles. The Floating Fountain with Lights 1/4 HP creates a water display that can reach 10 feet in height or 20 ft. in width.

    • ¼ HP Floating Fountain with Lights 
    • Dimensions: 14.3" x 18.9"
    • Voltage: 120 volts
    • Power Cable Length: 50 ft.
    • Net Weight:15lbs
    • Max. flow rate: 2300 gph
    • Max. head height: 21 ft.
    • Fountain Height (max): 10 ft.
    • Nozzles: Trumpet, Single Tier, 3-Tier
    • Warranty: 2+1 Years.

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