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  • OASE Indoor Aquatics ClearTronic 7W 55166

    • The ClearTronic works to promote clear water and healthy fish in your fresh or marine water aquarium Ideal for preventing disease that can affect aquarium inhabitants
    • Effectively eliminates algae and cloudiness
    • Quick-release feature allows you to easily change the UV bulb
    • Utilize the indicator light to safely and conveniently check your bulb's effectiveness without opening the unit
    • All necessary fittings are included
    • Energy efficient
    • Made in Italy, backed by German engineering
    • Fresh and marine water compatible
    • For external use only
    • 3 year warranty

    The ClearTronic 7W is a UV Clarifier that promotes clear water and healthy fish in your marine or freshwater aquarium up to 66 gallons (250 liters). Through the use of UV technology water from your tank is slowly exposed to a UV bulb which is ideal for preventing disease that can affect aquarium inhabitants. Plus, it effectively eliminates algae and cloudiness to ensure clear views of your underwater world. The bulb can easily be changed with the quick-release opening feature, and the quartz glass bulb enclosure is easy to clean. This compact design made from durable materials can discreetly be placed inside your aquarium or stored in a base cabinet with the integrated ballast.

    Dimensions 13 x 4.7 x 4 in.
    Net Weight 3 lbs.
    Rated Voltage 120V / 60 Hz
    Power Consumption (Filter) 9 W
    Power Consumption (UVC) 7 W
    Power Cord Length 6 ft.
    Protection Class IP 24
    Connection (pressure side) 5/8 in.
    Max. Operating Pressure 0.5 bar
    Max. Water Temperature 95°F
    Suitable for Max. Aquarium Volume 70 gallons

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