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  • 1300 GPH Pump with UV Clarifier PW1300UV

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    Product Description

    Item #: PW1300UV

    Ideal for use in waterfalls up to 18 feet in height, this UL listed pump has a built-in 7 watt ultraviolet clarifier. The UV technology ensures water clarity and a healthy environment for plants and fish. Water passes over the ultraviolet bulb, cleaning the green out of the water, thereby reducing the need for chemicals. The results are crystal clear water all year round. With easy installation and adjustable flow control this pump is one of the most convenient on the market. The pump operates consistently and hassle free and offers maximum durability, whisper quiet operation, and effortless maintenance. 1 in. ID tubing. Maximum pumping height of 16.5 ft. 170 watts/2.0 amps. 16 ft. cord.

    • Ideal for waterfalls up to 16.5 ft. in height
    • Built-in 7-watt UV clarifier
    • 1300 gallons per hour
    • 16.5 ft. pumping height
    • 16 ft. cord length
    • Ceramic shaft
    • Safe for fish and plants
    • 170 watts
    • 2.0 amps
    • UL listed pump
    • Flow control
    • Fits 1 in. ID tubing (tubing not included)

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